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Michigan State News              Updated 02/05/16


(Lansing-DEQ Water Chief Fired)
The former head of a division within the state’s Department of Environmental Quality that oversaw Flint’s shift to a different water source has been fired.
Liane Shekter Smith served as the chief of the DEQ’s Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance until she was reassigned in October.
Last month the governor suspended two state employees for their roles in Flint’s water crisis. Shekter Smith was one of them.

(Flint-Water Updates)
The head of the state’s Department of Environmental Quality says while some are encouraged by recent test results of lead levels in a handful of homes in Flint showing a drop in levels when using water filters, he’s taking a wait-and-see approach.
Keith Creagh (KRAY) says those are just numbers to him.
Test results announced Thursday of 10 homes with extremely high lead levels show eight of them had non-detectable levels of lead when using a filter.
He also told a group gathered for a meeting today (Friday) of different state and federal agencies the DEQ and Environmental Protection Agency are still working to find all of the lead service pipes in Flint.
In the meantime, he says the state is looking to work with community leaders to reach Arab, Latino and Chinese populations in Flint who may not be completely up to speed on the city’s water crisis or know how to test their water.

(Washington D.C. – More Flint Hearings)
Another congressional panel is planning a hearing to talk about the Flint water crisis, bringing the total number of hearings on the issue to three.
The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing in March. Congressman Fred Upton of St. Joseph chairs that committee, which wants information from both the state’s Department of Environmental Quality and federal Environmental Protection Agency.
The Democratic Steering and Policy Committee is also holding a hearing on February 10th and wants the governor to come testify.
Earlier this week the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a four hour hearing dissecting the high lead levels in Flint’s drinking water. The committee is planning a follow up hearing for February 25th.

(Flint-Dog Lead Poisoning)
Michigan's top veterinarian says two dogs that live in the Flint area have tested positive for lead poisoning.
Doctor James Averill says one is a pet, the other is a stray and both dogs are still alive.
State officials have declined to give more details about the dogs, except that they are both from Genesee County, where high levels of heavy metal have been detected in Flint's tap water system. Averill says the vast majority of lead-poisoning tests for dogs in the area have come up negative.
(24/7 News Source)

(Flint-Democratic Debate Flint)
The Flint water crisis was a topic during Thursday's Democratic debate in New Hampshire.
During the MSNBC debate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she supports federal intervention in the water crisis in Flint.
She says she'll also be in Flint Sunday to meet with Mayor Karen Weaver and learn more about what's being done to address the water issues.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says Flint's children are being poisoned and reiterated his call for Governor Rick Snyder to step down. He says he's never called for a governor to resign, but that Snyder's irresponsibility was so outrageous.
Both candidates have agreed to a debate in Flint on March 6th.
Flint's been combating high levels of lead in its water since switching its water source. That decision was made while the city was under state management.

(MI-Presidential Primary Poll)
Donald Trump leads the Republican pack in Michigan, according to a new poll.
The survey conducted by Lansing-based Target-Insyght, Consulting and Research, found Trump holds a 14-point advantage over his GOP rivals.
According to the poll, 35-percent of Michigan primary voters support Trump, while Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio each have 21-percent. John Kasich has 6-percent and Ben Carson gets 5-percent, while Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina each have 3-percent. 4-percent are undecided.
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 62-percent to 30-percent and 7-percent are undecided.
The poll of 400 likely GOP primary voters and 400 Democratic primary voters was conducted February 2nd to the 4th. It has a margin of error of 5-percent.

(MI-Presidential Debates)
The Republican presidential candidates will debate in Detroit next month.
Fox News will hold its third presidential primary debate on March 3rd, just days before the state’s primary.
The two-hour debate will be moderated by Fox News’ Bret Bair, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.
News of the debate came Thursday, just a day after Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders announced they would hold a debate in Flint March 6th.

(Ann Arbor-Gag Order Law Injunction)
A new state law that some local governments and schools are likening to a gag order that prevents them from discussing ballot issues will be put on hold.
A federal judge in Ann Arbor has issued a preliminary injunction blocking the law.
In his ruling Judge John Corbett O’Meara says legislation that passed out of a House committee Wednesday would likely address the issue but not before the March 8th election.
The law prohibits local governments from using taxpayer dollars to inform voters about ballot issues within 60 days of an election.
The legislation that passed committee this week takes away the 60 day blackout period and clarifies the information presented has to be neutral and factual.

(Capitol-DPS Differences)
The top Republicans in the Michigan House and Michigan Senate don’t see eye-to-eye on how to best tackle Detroit Public Schools mounting debt and recent sick outs by DPS teachers.
House Speaker Kevin Cotter believes bills cracking down on teacher sick outs, which he says amount to a strike, should come first.
However Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof says passing the governor’s plan to help get DPS out debt and restructure the district is his top priority, not the sick out measures.
Hearings began this week on the governor’s plan, which would cost the state $715 million.
Senate sponsored bills to deal with teacher sick outs recently cleared a Senate committee. Similar anti-sick out bills were also introduced in the Michigan House.



(Capitol-Flint Water Bills)
Governor Rick Snyder says he’ll call for $30 million in his 2017 budget to help pay water bills in Flint.
State Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (ANN-uh-NIK), who lives in Flint, says the governor’s proposal
is a step in the right direction. However, Ananich says the Flint’s mayor’s office told him the figure to cover the bills since the water crisis began is closer to $60 million.
Ananich also says the money should come in a supplemental budget bill to get it to Flint earlier, rather than waiting for the next state budget in October.
Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof says he’s open to the discussion of helping to pay Flint’s water bills. He says there’s an argument to be made that if the government has failed the city at every level, then maybe they should consider paying the city’s water bills.
The governor is set to lay out his budget plan next week.

(A-10s Demise Delayed)
There's some good news today for the Selfridge Air National Guard Base's fleet of A-10 Thunderbolt attack fighter planes. They will remain in operation, at least for now. On Tuesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the Air Force will push back retiring the jets, also known as "warthogs," until 2022. U.S. Representative Candice Miller, a Republican from Harrison Township, praised the move, saying "after years of trying to divest the A-10 fleet, the administration was no longer able to ignore the aircraft's unparalleled performance."
(Help from: 24/7 News Source)

(EAA to be Scrapped) (Watch for Updates)
The Education Achievement Authority, which was set up to run low performing schools in Detroit, appears to be headed for the graveyard. Michigan Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof has told "The Detroit News" the EAA will be scrapped as part of Governor Snyder's 715-million dollar overhaul of the financially troubled Detroit Public School district. The Senate Government Operations Committee will open debate on the bills this afternoon (Thursday). Meekhof says getting rid of the EAA is a compromise by majority Republicans to garner the support from Democrats for a plan to create a new school district. Created in 2011, the EAA was established to run more than a dozen of the lowest performing schools in Detroit.

(Wastewater Treatment Bill Soars)
A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency says more than $80 billion will be needed over the next two decades in order to stop sewage overflows and protect community drinking water in the eight Great Lakes states, including Michigan. The estimate is contained in the agency's "Clean Watershed Needs Survey." It deals with the state of wastewater infrastructure in the United States, including general water treatment plant infrastructure, issues with leaks or overflows and stormwater management. The report also notes that current investment is far below what is needed. At current funding levels the report says, it will take 160 years to meet wastewater infrastructure needs of the Great Lakes region.

(Carson Criticizes Cruz, Media)
Republican presidential candidate and Detroit native Ben Carson is steamed at rival Ted Cruz and the media covering the race for the Republican nomination. He went after the media during a press conference in Washington, DC Wednesday over what he considered criticism for returning to his Florida home after the Iowa caucuses, rather than heading straight to New Hampshire to campaign for next week's primary. The retired neurosurgeon also accused the Cruz's campaign of dirty tricks for telling Iowa caucus-goers that Carson was dropping out of the race. Cruz won the Iowa caucuses and Carson finished fourth.

(Capitol-Concealed Carry)
A handful of Republicans in the Michigan House have introduced a package of bills to toss out the state’s concealed carry license.
State Representative Jim Runestad (RUN-sted), R-White Lake, is the lead sponsor and says if someone doesn’t need a license to open carry then why make them get one to carry a concealed gun?
He calls the current fee of $110 every five years a coat tax, mocking the fact the only difference between open carry and concealed carry is the gun is usually hidden under a coat.
But State Representative Jeff Irwin, an Ann Arbor Democrat, fears the bills would do more than just eliminate a tax.
He says the legislation would blow one more hole in what he considers already weak gun laws in Michigan.
The measures have been assigned to a committee but no hearing has been held.

Legislation introduced in the Michigan House Wednesday would open the door for Tesla to sell its electric cars directly to consumers in Michigan.
State Representative Aaron Miller is sponsoring the measure and concedes it probably won’t be popular with car dealerships in his district and others across the state.
However his legislation doesn’t give Tesla the green light to operate a dealership wherever it wants. Instead, the bill would prohibit Tesla, or any other car maker that wants to sell directly to consumers, from opening a dealership within 10 miles of an existing dealership.
The bill comes a day after Tesla applied for a dealership license in the state.
The governor signed a bill into law in 2014 banning Tesla from selling its cars direct to consumers.

(Capitol-Gag Order Cleanup)
A revamped bill outlining what local governments and schools can communicate to voters about ballot issues leading up to Election Day has cleared a House committee.
The measure was changed to give more leeway to what can be said about a ballot initiative.
State Representative Lisa Posthumus-Lyons is sponsoring the bill and says it allows governments to present factual and neutral information to voters, using taxpayer dollars.
The original version of the bill would only allow governments to send the ballot language and date of the election to voters.
The legislation is a follow up to a measure passed at the end of the 2015 legislative session.
That bill prohibited local governments from saying anything about ballot issues within 60 days of an election. The governor signed that bill into law on the condition lawmakers clean it up.
The legislation now awaits a vote in the full Michigan House.



(MI-Aquaculture Poll)
A new poll finds most Michigan residents don’t want fish farms in the Great Lakes.
Legislation introduced in Lansing would allow for the expansion of net-pen aquaculture into the Great Lakes waters. But a survey by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA found 7 out of 10 Michiganders oppose the move.
State Senator Rick Jones is sponsoring a bill to ban fish farms in the Great Lakes. He says the poll is proof of the overwhelming opposition to net-pen aquaculture.
Dan Eichinger (IKE-en-GUR), Executive Director of Michigan United Conservation Clubs, says allowing fish farms in the lakes raises environmental concerns, including the dumping of untreated waste, disease transmission and the possibility of escaped fish breeding with wild fish, weakening the genetic diversity.
Supporters of expanding aquaculture say it will turn Michigan into a larger fish producer.
The poll of 600 Michigan residents had a margin of error of four-percent.

(Washington D.C. - Flint Water, Earley)
Members of a congressional panel looking in to the Flint water crisis want Flint Emergency Manager
Darnell Earley and Governor Rick Snyder to testify before the committee.
Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings says the governor owes the committee some answers. The governor says he wasn’t asked to come testify.
Earley announced Tuesday he was stepping down as Detroit Public Schools’ emergency manager at the end of the month. His attorney, that same day, refused a subpoena from the committee.
The chairman of the committee, Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz (CHAY-fitz) is asking U.S. Marshals to hunt Earley down and serve him. He expects Earley to testify later this month.

(Snyder to Propose More for Flint)
When Governor Rick Snyder proposes his 2017 budget next week, it will include a special $30 million item to help pay the water bills of Flint residents who have faced an emergency because of unacceptable lead levels in the city's water supply. Reports say the governor is briefing Flint officials and pastors about the plan today (Wednesday). In a social network posting, Lt. Governor Brian Calley confirms that the $30 million will be requested in the governor's upcoming budget proposal.

(Flint-Lead Pipe Replacement)
Flint’s mayor wants to move full steam ahead with replacing lead service pipes in the city.
Karen Weaver’s announcement Tuesday comes as the state and members of Michigan’s congressional delegation push to either speed up or slow down replacing lead service pipes in Flint.
Some members of the state’s congressional delegation are pushing for hundreds of millions of dollars – and even upwards of $1 billion – to replace lead pipes in Flint.
Meanwhile, some state lawmakers say putting a price tag on that kind of project is premature considering the state doesn’t know where all of the lead pipes are.
Weaver did not say when the project would begin. She first wants to talk with the city’s medical community and state Department of Health and Human Services to identify the most at-risk residents with a plan of replacing their lead pipes first.

(GM Profit)
General Motors has announced a record pre-tax profit of eleven-billion dollars for 2015. And the automaker’s fourth quarter earnings alone were more than six-billion dollars. As a result, the company says UAW hourly workers will receive profit sharing checks of up to eleven-thousand dollars. Sales in North America and China helped boost the automaker's profit while their losses in Europe were much lower than the previous year. Officials say they expect to break-even in Europe by the end of 2016. Overall, GM says it earned one-point-four billion dollars in their international markets.
(Help from: 24/7 News Source)

(Capitol-Airport Police)
Airport police would have the ability to arrest someone under legislation approved by a Michigan House committee.
State Representative Kurt Heise, R-Plymouth Township, is sponsoring the bill and says it will give airport police more leeway to go after people who shine laser pointers at planes or fly drones near an airport.
Although he concedes the arrest powers won’t help much if someone shines a laser pointer at a plane that’s nowhere near the airport.
Heise also says the measure is narrowly focused and wouldn’t allow airport police to patrol nearby interstates and try and catch speeders.
The legislation now awaits a vote in the full Michigan House.

(Capitol-Craft Beer Social Media)
Craft brewers and beer distributors in the state would be allowed to use Facebook and Twitter to promote their beer under legislation awaiting a hearing today (Wednesday) in a Michigan Senate committee.
Believe it or not, it’s illegal for a brewer to talk up an event or name a bar that has their beer on tap on social media. Same goes for a distributor.
It’s part of a wrinkle in the three-tier distribution system that forbids providing something of value to a bar or liquor store. And a plug on social media is likened to advertising – which carries value.
Scott Graham of the Michigan Brewers Guild calls that outdated and says it should be changed. Legislation before a Senate committee would allow a brewer, distributor, distiller or wine maker to use social media to plug their products. A similar bill has also been introduced in the House.

(Capitol-Speed Limit)
The speed limit would go up on interstates and highways and down on gravel roads under legislation that passed a House committee today (Tuesday).
State Representative Brad Jacobsen, R-Oxford, is sponsoring the bills and says the speed limit on rural stretches of interstate would go up to 75 miles an hour and could be bumped up to 80 miles an hour down the road.
Speed limits on highways, or M-roads, would go up from 55 miles an hour to 60 miles an hour under the legislation. And speed limits on gravel roads would go down from 55 miles an hour to 45 miles an hour.
The bills would also allow schools to have more leeway on when the school zone speed limit is in effect.
Initially the legislation called for speed limits to go up to 80 and 65 respectively, but had to be drawn down to get the Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Transportation on board.
The legislation now awaits a vote in the Michigan House.



(Capitol-Speed Limit)
The speed limit would go up on interstates and highways and down on gravel roads under legislation that passed a House committee today (Tuesday).
State Representative Brad Jacobsen, R-Oxford, is sponsoring the bills and says the speed limit on rural stretches of interstate would go up to 75 miles an hour and could be bumped up to 80 miles an hour down the road.
Speed limits on highways, or M-roads, would go up from 55 miles an hour to 60 miles an hour under the legislation. And speed limits on gravel roads would go down from 55 miles an hour to 45 miles an hour.
The bills would also allow schools to have more leeway on when the school zone speed limit is in effect.
Initially the legislation called for speed limits to go up to 80 and 65 respectively, but had to be drawn down to get the Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Transportation on board.
The legislation now awaits a vote in the Michigan House.

The FBI is now investigating what led to Flint’s water crisis. The agency is working with federal prosecutors who are looking in to the high lead levels in Flint’s water.
The Environmental Protection Agency’s investigation arm and office of inspector general and the postal service’s inspection division is working with the U.S. Attorney’s office too.
The FBI’s involvement comes as a U.S. House committee prepares for testimony Wednesday on Capitol Hill.
An EPA whistleblower who tried to sound the alarm on high lead levels in Flint’s drinking water, the new head of the state agency that oversees water quality and the emergency manager who oversaw the city’s switch to a different water source have all been invited to testify.
Former emergency manager Darnell Earley won’t appear.

(Early Leaving DPS Early)
The emergency manager with Detroit Public Schools has told Governor Rick Snyder that he's stepping down from the post at the end of the month.
Darnell Earley, who served as emergency manager of Flint when the water crisis began, has since been running Detroit schools.
His resignation comes amid teacher protests of poor conditions at DPS and as the state legislature considers a plan to reorganize the district.
State Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof says Earley likely saw that his involvement was making it difficult to make progress at DPS, so it’s probably good that he resigned.
Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (ANN-uh-NIK), who lives in Flint, says he’s suspicious of the timing of the resignation. Earley, this week, said he would not testify at a congressional hearing on the Flint water crisis.
Ananich says the governor should still compel Early to testify before Congress.
Earley’s term, under the law, would have been up in June.

(MI Teacher Strikes)
On the heels of "sickouts" where Detroit school teachers called in sick in protest of poor school conditions among other things, an effort is moving forward in Lansing to toughen Michigan's ban on teacher strikes.
Senate Republican Phil Pavlov of St. Clair County is a sponsor. He says it's time the law was strengthened.
Detroit teachers on Tuesday told lawmakers that the bill, which shortens the deadline for teacher strike allegation hearings and more easily revokes teacher certificates, erodes due process for teachers.
Supporters of the three bill package say it’s to protect the students. Additions to the legislation include a provision to decertify a union in certain situations.
The bills were approved by the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday, and sent to the full senate.

(Auto Sales-January)
Auto sales for Michigan automakers were mixed in January, largely due to winter storms in the central and eastern U.S. Fiat Chrysler reported a 6.9 percent increase over January 2015 sales.
General Motors sales were up a half of a percentage point.
Ford sales were down by 2.6 percent.
Leading sellers for all three companies were pickup trucks, SUVs and crossover vehicles.

(No Safe Ice)
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is warning ice anglers and snowmobilers that because of warm and rainy weather recently, no ice is safe ice in Michigan.
The department notes that thawing has occurred, weakening ice.
The DNR also does not recommend the standard "inch-thickness" guide used by many to determine the safety of ice. Officials emphasize that ice seldom forms at a uniform rate.
The DNR also says ice strength cannot be determined by its thickness, its look or the outdoor temperature.

(Dead Cougar Investigated)
poached cougar mount - DNR Newberry officeA dead male cougar has been found in Dickinson County.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources Officials are investigating the discovery, which was made on Monday.
Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call 1st Lt. Pete Wright at the Marquette Customer Service Center at 906-228-6561, ext. 3028 during normal business hours, or the 24-hour DNR Report All Poaching (RAP) Line at 800-292-7800. Information may be left anonymously.

(Treasury Warns of Phishing)
Watch out for a "phishing" expedition. That warning from the Michigan Department of Treasury.
Officials say scammers are trying to trick taxpayers into paying them money.
The victims will receive phone calls from what appears to be a state number. They're told they've committed tax fraud and they need to pay up immediately or face arrest.
The state says it’s a scam because they would never demand money over the phone unless an official notification letter was sent first.
Treasury officials advise residents to use caution and never provide personal information unless they are positive that the situation is legitimate.

(Pure Michigan Hunt Winners)
Kudos to Jeff Kresnak of Caledonia, Makayla Fleetwood of Bloomingdale and Mike Scherzer of Freeland.
They've each taken home more than four thousand dollars’ worth of hunting gear as winners of the seventh annual Pure Michigan Hunt.
They also win a pocket full of state outdoor sporting licenses.






The monthly employment report will be released today.

Tracy Morgan begins his first tour since his 2014 crash that left him in a coma for eight days.

First hearing date for Adnan Syed today.


bulletThe Choice
bulletHail, Caesar!
bulletPride and Prejudice and Zombies


DIIV – Is The Is Are

Zvi – Zvi II: Death Stops Us All

Field Music: Commontime

Mass Gothic – Mass Gothic

Clouds – Timeslip Roadmender

Nap Eyes – Thought Rock Fish Scale

Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony

Working For A Nuclear Free City – What Do People Do All Day?

Elton John – Wonderful Crazy Night

Foxes – All I Need

Francis – Marathon

Jagged Leaves – Nightmare Afternoon

Junior Boys – Big Back Coat

King – We Are King

Lucinda Williams – The Ghosts of Highway 20

Majid Jordan – Majid Jordan

Nonkeen – The Gamble

Porches – Pool

Wiz Khalifa – Khalifa

Young Thug – Slime Season 3



ABC News, along with Saint Anselm College, WMUR, New Hampshire Union Leader and Independent Journal will host today’s 2016 Republican presidential candidate debate.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee will meet for their annual meeting and class announcement today.



Super Bowl 50 takes place today at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The Denver Broncos will face the Carolina Panthers.

Commercials played during the Super Bowl will cost a reported $4.5 million for 30 seconds of air during the game.

The 12th annual Puppy Bowl will take place the same day as the Super Bowl.



A press conference with the Super Bowl 50 winning head coach and MVP will be held today.

Adnan Syed will appear in court again today.  He’s the convicted murderer showcased in the wildly popular podcast “Serial”,

Enrique Marquez, the friend/neighbor of Syed Farook, one of the gunman in the San Bernardino shooting, pleaded not guilty to all five charges against him at this arraignment hearing. A status conference hearing will occur today and Marquez’s trial date has been set for February 23.



The New Hampshire presidential primary election will take place today.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans starts today with celebrations throughout the city.

It’s Shrove Tuesday – or Pancake Day. The day is meant to celebrate the day before Ash Wednesday.



David Hans Arntson, the former pilot for Alaska Airlines who was arrested on federal charges of flying a passenger aircraft while under the influence of alcohol will appear in court for an arraignment today.

The social networking website Twitter will release its fourth quarter earnings.

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, the man who was sentenced to death for the assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, will have a parole hearing today.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.



The first 2016 Democratic presidential candidate after the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary is tonight. PBS NewsHour will host the debate and it will take place at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.



Democrat presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley will attend the Minnesota DFL Humphrey-Mondale Dinner in St. Paul, Minnesota tonight.

Today the nation celebrates the birth of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.

The first non-nude issue of Playboy will be published today.

Pope Francis begins his seven day trip to Mexico today.


bulletHow to Be Single
bulletZoolander 2


Daughtry – It’s Not Over…The Hits So Far

James Supercave – Better Strange

Lacey Sturm – Life Screams

Lissie – My Wild West

Magrudergrind – II

Pinegrove – Cardinal

Radiation City – Synethetica

The Jezabels – Synthia

The Skiffle Players – Skifflin’

Wynonna & The Big Noise – Wynonna & The Big Noise

You Say Party – You Say Party



The 2016 Republican presidential candidate debate will take place in Greenville, SC today. The debate will be hosted by CBS.

The band Eagles of Death Metal will resume their European tour after they canceled all remaining shows after the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris. They will play at the Debaser Medis in Stockholm, Sweden.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will speak at the Colorado Democratic Party’s 83rd annual dinner at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the third anniversary of Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The athlete was found guilty of culpable homicide but cleared of murder. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Today is the NBA All-Star game in Toronto, Canada.



The Grammy Awards will be held tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. LL Cool J will host the awards for the 5th year in a row.

President Obama will host the US-ASEAN summit in California today. Leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will join in the gathering.

Today the nation celebrates Presidents Day and George Washington’s Birthday.



Eagles of Death Metal will perform in Paris tonight. The band was performing in Paris the night of the November 13, 2015 Paris attacks. They were on stage in the Bataclan Theater when IS group militants stormed the building and killed 89 people. Surviving fans who were at the Bataclan theater will be able to have a free ticket to the show.

Former skier, Picabo Street is facing misdemeanor charges after allegedly assaulting her father. Street will appear in  court for a pre-trial hearing today.



The Economist Intelligence Unit will release its monthly global forecasting service report. The report predicts key trends emerging in economies around the world.



Hate your cable box?  The chairman of the FCC is revealing a proposal today to boot the cable set-top box, citing lack of competition in an evolving marketplace that has forced 99% of consumers to pay on average, $231 in rental fees for cable boxes. The commission will vote on the proposal today.

In Washington DC tonight, the 16th Black Reel Awards will take place. The event is meant to recognize and celebrate the achievements of black people in television, independent and feature films.

The NBA trade deadline is today. It is the final day NBA sides can sign contracts with players between teams.



‘Affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch will be back in court for a hearing. Couch was caught in Mexico, after he violated his probation. Couch made headlines when he received a probation after he killed four being while driving under the influence.

Today is the registration deadline for drone owners. Owners of small and remote aerial vehicle unmanned aircraft systems are required to register their drone.

The Democratic National Committee will hold its winter meeting at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington DC today.

London Fashion Week opens today.

Spring Training for the Major League Baseball season opens today.


bulletRace (2016)
bulletThe Witch


Animal Collective – Painting With

BJ The Chicago Kid – In My Mind

Cavern of Anti-Matter – Void Beats/Invocation

Choir of Young Believers – Grasque

Deep Sea Diver – Secrets

Dinamo Azari – Estranged

Golden Daze – Golden Daze

Jack Garratt – Phase

Jesu/Sun Kil Moon – Jesu/Sun Kil Moon

Jordan Klassen – Javelin

Lake Street Dive – Side Pony

Lushlife – Ritualize

Matmos – Ultimate Care II

Mavis Staples – Livin’ On a High Note

Nigel Hall – Ladies & Gentlemen…Nigel Hall

Ra Ra Riot – Need Your Light

Rick Springfield – Rocket Science

Seth Bogart – Seth Bogart

Simple Plan – Taking One For The Team

So Pitted – Neo

The Cave Singers – Banshee

Wild Nothing – Life of Pause

Wolfmother – Victorious

Yoko Ono – Yes, I’m a Witch Too



The Nevada Democratic caucuses are today.

The South Carolina Republican presidential primary election occurs today.

NASCAR will announce its Hall of Fame nominees today at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.



The Dayton 500 race is today at the Dayton International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The 20th annual Satellite Awards takes place today. The awards celebrate achievements in DVD, video games, new media, film and TV.



Congress returns today from their Presidents Day recess. There will be no votes in the House of Representatives.



The Nevada Republican caucuses are today.

Enrique Marquez, the friend/neighbor of Syed Farook, one of the gunman in the San Bernardino shooting, pleaded not guilty to all five charges against him at this arraignment hearing, will be in court today for his trial.

Singer Celine Dion resumes her Vegas residency following the death of her husband Rene Angelil. Dion’s older brother Daniel, passed away from cancer just two days after the death of Angelil.



Today is the 2016 NFL National Scouting Combine. College football players are invited to participate.


Tonight in Houston, Texas, CNN, partnered with Telemundo, National REview and Salem Communications will host another 2016 Republican presidential candidate debate.

The Senate Appropriations subcommittee will hold a hearing today on the Department of Justice 2017 Fiscal Year budget. Attorney General Loretta Lynch was invited to testify.



One of Michael Jackson’s albums will be re-released today.

In Zurich, Switzerland, the FIFA congress will hold a presidential vote to help find Sepp Blatter’s replacement.


bulletEddie the Eagle
bulletGods of Egypt
bulletTriple 9


Anthrax – For All Kings

Anvil – Anvil is Anvil

Black Peaks – Statues

Bonnie Raitt – Dig in Deep

Chuck Wacks – Turning Point

Coastgaard – Devil on the Balcony

Donovan Woods – Hard Settle, Ain’t Troubled

Eerie Wanda – Hum


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – This Unruly Mess I’ve Made

Matt Andersen – Honest Man

Odd Nosdam – Sisters

Pinkshinyultrablast – Grandfeathered

Quilt – Eliot St.

Sarah Neufeld – The Ridge

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB

Steve Mason – Meet the Humans

The 1975 – I Like it When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

The Rocket Summer – Zoetic

Yuck – Stranger Things


The South Carolina Democratic presidential primary election is today.

The NFL Regional Combine will be held in Baltimore today. The National Scouting Combine allows for players to display their skills before veteran NFL talent evaluators


The Oscars, the 88th Academy Awards, will be held today at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The awards will be live on ABC and hosted by Chris Rock.


FEBRUARY 29th (Leap Year)

Spring training games in Major League Baseball begin today. The Detroit Tigers will play Florida Southern College and the Boston Red Sox will play Northeastern University and Boston College.


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Governor Snyder Still Insisting On Illegally Taxing Us For Roads.  See WIOS Forum for Details



DNR Burn Permit

Atheists Just Can't Deal With It!

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