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Program Schedule

Where Northeast Michigan Comes To Talk!

AM 1480
is unique for a talk radio station!
How?  Most radio stations continue their politically charged
talk radio lineup all weekend with re-hashed "best-of" shows from nationally popular
syndicated radio hosts.  We bargained with our programming
providers so we were free to broadcast lighter, apolitical fare for our weekends!
Like old time radio dramas, home and family finance, military news, home improvement and
general lifestyle programming crossing over from the strange to the serious
with all the fun stuff in between!
Listen to WIOS weekends, and you'll agree, it's different and we can keep your
interest all day long.  For the life-long learner or the curious, WIOS has
talk radio programming for any type of listener on the weekends!
Check out our programming schedule below!


Old Time Radio on WIOS!



Hollywood 360 is a weekly 4 hour nostalgia & showbiz radio show.  Hosted by 30-year broadcast veteran Carl Amari, each weekly show presents the best in classic radio (Jack Benny, The Shadow, Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Suspense...), celebrity interviews, movie reviews, trivia contests and the latest in showbiz news!

Visit Hollywood360radio.com for the latest!
Every Saturday evening 6P - 10P on


Frontlines of Freedom!

Military news for Michigan!

With your host Col. Denny Gillam

Col. Gillam emceed at the "Cost of Freedom" Tribute in Kentwood, MI the summer of 2012.

Sundays at 4AM!
2 hours of military news & features for Michigan soldiers and families!


Everything Digital!

Kim Kommando

Saturday at 10AM


Your Digital Goddess!

3 Hours of Everything Digital!

Computers, Smart Phones, Home Audio, Cyber Security & More!

Saturdays at 10:06AM


Mon. - Fri. at 3PM


1480 AM


 Master Programming Schedule

ABC News Top Of Every Hour Every Hour
Sunday Time
Somewhere In Time w Art Bell    paranormal (archive) 12:06A - 04:00A
Front Lines of Freedom   military news for Michigan 04:06A - 06:00A
Mike Avery Outdoors - w Mike Avery, hunting & fishing 06:06A - 09:00A
The Pat Boone Show-modern gospel music & news 09:06A - 10:00A
Tawas United Methodist Church service (LIVE) 10:00A - 11:00A
Mayo Clinic Radio  medical health news and trends 11:06A - 12:00P
Coffee Talk 3.0 w Kevin Barbaro   entertainment news 1:06P - 11:59P
Handel on the Law w Bill Handel     you & the law 01:06P - 03:59P
Horsepower For An Hour     automotive & racing 04:06P - 05:59P
Think America!    w Terry Gilberg & Megan Porth-perspective 06:06P - 07:59P
Steve Dale's Pet World     pets & animal health 08:06P - 08:59P
Science Fantastic w Dr. Michio Kaku science / physics 09:06P - 11:59P
Monday - Friday Time
"The Paracast" paranormal phenomena 12:06A - 12:59A
Coast to Coast AM w G. Noory  paranormal (LIVE) 01:06A - 04:59A
America In The Morn. w Jim Bohanon  (LIVE) News 05:06A - 05:59A
Don Imus in the Morning  Infotainment (LIVE) 06:06A - 08:59A
Laura Ingraham Show Political, News (LIVE) 09:06P - 11:59P
Rush Limbaugh Show  Political, Insightful (LIVE) 12:06P - 02:59P
Sean Hannity Show Political, Plain Spoken (LIVE) 03:06P - 05:59P
Mark Levin Show Political, Patriotic, Passionate (LIVE) 06:06P - 08:59P
Michael Savage Show  Political, Philosophical, Brooding 09:06P - 11:59P
Saturday Time
"The Paracast" paranormal phenomena 12:06A - 01:59A
Coast to Coast AM w G. Noory  paranormal (LIVE) 01:06A - 05:00A
Staying Young Radio fitness and lifestyles for mature 06:06A - 07:00A
Mike Avery Outdoors - w Mike Avery, Hunting & Fishing. 07:06A - 10:00A
Kim Komando Show computers & all things digital (LIVE) 10:06A - 01:00P
Glenn Haege-Handyman  home improvement 01:06P - 02:59P
Home & Family Finance w Paul Berry home finance 03:06P - 03:59P
Putting Your Financial House In Order professional finance 04:06P - 04:59P
Popular Science Radio Popular Science Magazine 05:06P - 05:59P
Hollywood 360 favorite old-time radio dramas  & Hollywood trivia 06:05P - 10:00P
When Radio Was   favorite old-time radio programs   10:05P - 11:59P


Horsepower for an Hour!

Sunday 4PM - 6PM

2 hours of cutting edge auto talk with Donny & Tom
The ultimate gearhead show!



Mon. - Fri. at 9AM


1480 AM

The US 23 Heritage Route - Lake Huron Discovery Tour - is coming up Columbus Day weekend October 7th through the 10th!

Visit the beautiful
Tawas area!

With Dr. Mark Anderson
Dr. Walter Gaman
and Health & Wellness Expert
Judy Gaman

Saturday 6A - 7A

Pat Boone

Pat hosts today's best gospel music!

Sundays after News at 9AM

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